The Ace: Chibi cow can complete levels much faster than raocow

The React series came full circle when debuted on December 6, 2012. During the Summer of 2015, the Fine Brothers announced that they would finally be creating a full fledged Adults React, which would be comprised of parents and college aged young adults. Adults React premiered on July 16, 2015. In early 2014, they revealed that a television spin off, called React to That, would be coming to Nickelodeon. It premiered on Monday, December 15, 2014, with 12 episodes having been produced, though Nick ordered 13. They aired daily at 6 PM Eastern until New Year’s Day 2015. React to That is formatted differently from the web series: while it features Reactors and celebrities watching numerous viral videos, they also take part in various challenges related to those videos. In a September 2015 episode of Fine Time, Benny Fine said that the chances of a second season of React to That aren’t looking great. On August 14, 2014, a React special called «Celebrities React to Viral Videos» was released, which obviously featured more mainstream, non Internet celebrities.

Tropes that apply to raocow: Accidental Murder: In the final Rockman 4 Minus Infinity video, he accidentally sucks up Eddie when attempting to suck up some extra lives. Accent Upon The Wrong Syllable: He has a surprisingly large English vocabulary, but often pronounces things strangely, due to English not being his first language. He stated that he doesn’t mind people correcting his pronunciation, but that sometimes his odd sounding words are on purpose. In addition, words that have a French origin often confuse him due to his uncertainty of which language’s pronunciation to use. The Ace: Chibi cow can complete levels much faster than raocow, and often flawlessly too. Adorkable: His silly commentary and happy go lucky nature is rather charming. Advancing Wall of Doom: An extremely annoying version can be seen in this VIP 4 video in the Temple of Homing level, where the entire second half the level is trying desperately to outrun a homing missile at top speed, including flight () The Sawdust level in Mario Gives Up. all lowercase letters: raocow types like this almost exclusively, and has frequently requested his name be spelled with a lowercase r as well. Always a Bigger Fish: Poochy is basically the unreliable steed to Mario’s unreliable steed. Alt Text: raocow uses the tags on his videos for basically the same purpose. To quote the tags in this video:I tend not to use tags properly instead [I tend to use] them as one of those alternate image tag joke things you see sometimes in webcomics and whatnot.

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