Book Ends: The generator room in the first wing (The End of

The player character is the 12 year old nephew of Professor Fitz Quadwrangle. When he drops by for a visit, his uncle disappears in an explosion. It is up to him find Fitz through the use of the Inter Dimensional Shift Device (IDS device), which can move him between dimensions and affect the physics of the world around him. Big Labyrinthine Building: The manor, of course. Bittersweet Ending: You save yourself from dying when the mansion collapses, and the professor escapes, but now you’re trapped in the pocket dimension, and the whole world is being shifted by the Uber IDS. Book Ends: The generator room in the first wing (The End of the Beginning) and the generator room in the last wing (The Beginning of the End) Brick Joke: At one point, the Professor warns you not to look at Ike in the eyes. Upon completing the game, you unlock the «Do A Thing!» option on the title screen, where you get to see what happens if you do. Bullet Time: Slow Mo slows time to a crawl, and lasers that shoot out of the wall can be seen slowly leaving their gun, allowing you to dodge past them before the laser reaches its target. Clone Degeneration: Though it doesn’t come up in gameplay, this is a limitation of DOLLI. It can be seen with the effect on each successive generation of the Professor’s cloned cat. To quote the Professor: I want to clarify that Dolli is great for cloning inanimate objects, but she’s not entirely capable with organic ones.

Tropes common in his works: Alliterative Name: His full name, too; it’s Richard Russell Riordan, Jr. All Myths Are True: In the case of his books, Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology co exist in the same universe. There is also a mention of Jesus and Moses is confirmed to exist, though his characters remain officially agnostic on the existence of a «Capital G God.» Apollo references the Aztec gods during his own series, as well as the Chinese. A African Pantheon Demigod also appears in Book 2. Cliffhanger: Has a reputation for these (though more often he simply leaves some plot threads unresolved to be built on in later books, which some confuse for this trope). Deadpan Snarker: He writes a lot of these. He’s also quite the snarker himself, if his twitter account is anything to go by. Loads and Loads of Characters: Oh yes. With four distinct groups of heroes and their respective villains, this is to be expected. Recycled In Space: Though he’s pretty clever at it, making the blend of ancient mythology and the modern world complex and entertaining. Shown Their Work: Riordan certainly does his research, though he sometimes juggles things around for Artistic License, and the fact that many of the myths have different variations and are often open to interpretations. Troll: The fandom is fond of calling him one, due to his penchant for cliffhangers. Well, no, not really. HAHAHAHA. But seriously, I love you guys.

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