Most countries didn’t get exports of any Osomatsu kun series

Outside of Japan, this occured to Osomatsu san. It’s a sequel series to the classic series Osomatsu kun meant to be celebrate the mangaka’s 80th birthday. It ended up a Sleeper Hit both internationally and in Japan. Most countries didn’t get exports of any Osomatsu kun series until after Osomatsu san, and even if they did it’s unlikely most fans remember it as much as Japanese viewers. The first episode makes it clear that the series is a sequel, however many non Japanese fans simply think they’re making fun of 1960s anime in general. Many jokes go over peoples heads because they aren’t acquainted with the older series (Osomatsu san is essentially what Dog Sees God is to Peanuts sequel of a family friendly work where everyone is older and the jokes are more adult oriented).

In the finale, Carson Beckett pulls this with Atlantis itself. Big Eater: McKay, whose hunger and obsessive eating is a frequent point of discussion and even, occasionally, a plot point. Bilingual Bonus: Zelenka’s Czech is half context relevant dialogue from the character, and half fourth wall breaking commentary from the actor. It is often also an instance of Getting Crap Past the Radar, with more vulgar words than would be acceptable in English. Bittersweet Ending: In «Vegas», an alternate John Sheppard lies dying alone in the desert, but his sacrifice actually saved the galaxy. Blue and Orange Morality: The Wraith do not really hate humans, it is just a normal predator/prey relationship that looks malevolent when seen from the «prey» side of the line. Body Count Competition: In «Whispers», they know that there were twelve monsters and are trying to figure out how many are left. Sheppard killed one and Sergeant Dusty killed two, which she points out automatically puts her in the lead. Body Horror: «The Seed»; «Conversion» The Wraith hive ships themselves. They’re biological in nature, and made of a mixture of slimy skins, tenticles, and veins. Standing inside one looks a hell of a lot like what would happen if you could stand in a tumour. Worse. One episode actually reveals that the Hive ships were once human when Ronan and another Atlantis operative are infected by Michael, and start to change into hive ships. The concept of what happened to Elizabeth and her replicators. Being infected with tons of tiny robots that could be reactivated at any point and used to completely take over your body and mind, effectively killing anything about you thats human? It may be a more psychological form of body horror but still, yikes! Boldly Coming Sheppard, several times, and never without heavy Lampshade Hanging by Rodney:McKay: Oh, how 1967 of you.

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